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Duly Noted: Let It Burn

A few Fridays ago I was at a friend’s get-together at his home. We’d all come over to have drinks, hang out and just celebrate another week of surviving our paycheck printers, welcoming the two-day vacation, and enjoying the company of a few friendly and familiar faces. When I walked in the door, after putting … Continue reading

Duly Noted: Give It Up, Turn It Loose

Back in the day (and I do mean BACK) there was a hot song, called Give it Up Turn It Loose, by an outstanding female R&B group, En Vogue. The title really says it all, right? Mhmm. A couple months ago while riding down Peachtree St. a friend told me about her life’s recent developments, … Continue reading

Duly Noted: The Value of the Outsider Who Looks In

Lately, I’ve given more credence than ever before to what people see in me versus that which I see in myself. I’ve asked myself, and subsequently my friends and most anyone that would listen & respond, what value there is in what the world sees in you, that you may be challenged to see in … Continue reading

Duly Noted: We’re all made of the same stuff.

I was listening to India.Arie’s “God Is Real” and she said “we’re all made of the same stuff as the earth and the stars,” it set my mind off as ADD often does. I thought about Maya Angelou’s quote that has really been driver behind a lot of work I’ve done and what I believe … Continue reading

Duly Noted: “I can’t rely on my old strength this time…”

Lately, I’ve gotten back into Kirk Franklin and have been really enjoying his CD “The Fight of My Life.” During the adlibs at the end of Hide Me he says, “I can’t rely on my old strength this time,” something I’ve heard plenty of times growing up in church. Following that The Nu Nation vamps … Continue reading

Duly Noted: “…but if You don’t, please help me believe.”

Currently listening to: Kirk Franklin’s Help Me Believe I doubt this will be long, it feels like a brief one… I just wanted to say how this song just spoke to me. The lyrics express a concern about the inability to hear the Voice, and feel the Source, and asks for clarity, access, and simple … Continue reading

Gratitude is Key

Fri. Oct. 9, 2010 As I sit in the library tonight… this morning… it’s 2:36 AM, and I’m grateful. I’m grateful for being reminded that You’re still there, still listening, and still working. I’m grateful to know that, while I feel overwhelmed with all that circles my mind and heart, You love me too much … Continue reading

Duly Noted: For Every Mountain, I Won’t Complain

Tomorrow morning begins a new chapter in my life. I leave for Seattle to join Celebrity Cruises, traveling to places I never imagined I’d be blessed to see, especially not on the dime of a company. I was on Facebook and a friend, Avie Durr, had posted a video of John Legend performing, classic gospel … Continue reading

Quick Thought

How bright must your light shine that even its mere reflection illuminates the nations?